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Handheld Bouquet

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  • **We offer Petite/Posie, Medium, Large & Premium Hand Held Bouquets starting at $55.00**



    Our Hand Held Bouquets are the perfect pairing for every special dress and event. Let YBV design a stunning and unique bouquet fit for any event, incorporating the flowers and colors you envision! We design each signature bouquet choosing flowers and greenery hardy enough to withstand being without water and handled heavily.



    You can include details like the dress/suit and shoe color to help us make the best selection for you.



    Bouquets pictured are considered "Medium" and "Large" for Size comparison. Pricing is based on bouquet size and any premium flowers used.

  • Our Handheld Bouquets are designed with beautiful and lush seasonal greenery, and approximately:



    • Petite/Posey: Perfect size for young girls or anyone looking to hold a small bouquet in one hand.
    • Medium: approx. 7-10 flower stems are included; 9"-12" diameter. Ideal for bridesmaids, proms, and other special occassions and celebrations.
    • Large: 10+ flower stems (styles vary). Most popular with bridesmaids and some brides.
    • Premium: 10+ flower stems & greenery. Perfectly full and elegant for brides.
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